Blog: Day 1

I was given a challenge: write one blog post every day for 30 days in a row. It doesn’t matter what the content is. It doesn’t matter the length. Just write for 30 days.

See, the last 2 months have been really crazy. At work, someone left the company and those duties fell on to me. So now I am doing the job of 2 people, while trying to find a replacement for the person who left. At the same time I had a several vacation days planned with friends. On top of that, I found out 3 days before my vacation that 2 days after I get home, I had to have surgery that was supposed to be a 2-hour out patience procedure but ended up being a 7-hour procedure where I had to stay the night in the hospital. I then had to stay home the next week and only worked part time for the second week while still recovering. On top of still doing the job of 2 people…

Notwithstanding working 6 hours every day on my vacation and working from home while in recovery, I’m still VERY behind at work. BUT…

Monday I came back to work full time. And, we hired an amazing person to now help with the second set of duties & responsibilities. So, I’m starting to feel better about work.

But, even with work starting to calm down, I still feel like my focus is all over the place. I have several pet projects I’m working on and I want to continue to do them. But I feel like I haven’t grasped a good sense of purpose for each one. I don’t know my “why”.

So, I was challenged by my twin sister to start writing about something every day. And, hopefully in doing this exercise I’ll find out what my why is. What the purpose I’m looking for is. To really refocus my energies and/or remind myself what my ultimate goals in life are.

So, there you go. That’s what I’m doing. And, so far I’ve accomplished day 1.

Only 29 more days to go…

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