Transparency – a key value of Netflix

Transparency is one of Netflix’s foundational values and as someone who loves to learn, and in particular, learning about product management, the access I have to various memos and documents is amazing. I hear things like “product requirements,” “acceptance criteria” and “strat memos,” all things that are new to me. Yet, because of the company transparency, I’m able to just go look things up. And I get to see some of the greatest PMs minds at work. It’s amazing and I feel so grateful.

Producer = Product Manager

Both a producer and product manager are the captains of the ship. They are the CEO of the project. They are in charge of rallying the troops and keeping morale up. Both of their jobs are to strategize and then effectively communicate that strategy to their partners.

And there are always stakeholders. Producers and product managers do what they do for whoever the stakeholder is: a studio, a company, an audience, etc.

What is a hypothesis?

Over the last few months I took a LinkedIn learning course on becoming a Product Manager. Something that has stuck with me from the course is the idea of a hypothesis. I see product managers at work create hypotheses all the time and I love the idea of strategy. But it wasn’t until this course that I understood that a hypothesis is ACTIONABLE.

An assumption is a guess. You take an assumption and then turn it actionable and that becomes a hypothesis. This has helped me better understand what to include as I create hypotheses.