Exercise: product features in current apps (good advice from a PM)

I took a LinkedIn learning course on PM 101 and something they said was to write out features that you would build if you were working on certain apps. I loved this idea and was moving forward with finding an app to explore this exercise. I was thinking about what cool features an app would have.

Last week I meet with one of the PMs at work, someone who I feel I have a good relationship with. I shared with them that I’m interested in PMing (they were VERY supportive!) and that I want to start “practicing” some of the skills of produce management. I mentioned this course and they challenged me right away, which I so appreciate.

They said, exercises like this are beneficial only if you are focusing on the business goals. What’s the business model of the app? What problems are they trying to solve? What’s a feature that would fit into those goals?

This was helpful for me as I need to make sure I always focus on the business needs and problems they are solving for.

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