Fellini’s “8 1/2” (1963)



What are your hurdles in the creative process?

“8 1⁄2 is about the struggles involved in the creative process, both technical and personal, and the problems artists face when expected to deliver something personal and profound with intense public scrutiny, on a constricted schedule, while simultaneously having to deal with their own personal relationships. It is, in a larger sense, about finding true personal happiness within a difficult, fragmented life. Like several Italian films of the period (most evident in the films of Fellini’s contemporary, Michelangelo Antonioni), ​8 1⁄2 also is about the alienating effects of modernization.”

-From “8 ½” Wikipedia Page

1) Strength of the writing: 5

2) Strength of the directing: 5

3) Strength of the acting: 5

4) Strength of the cinematography: 5

5) Strength of the editing: 5

6) Strength of the sound design: 5

7) Strength of the production design: 5

8) Did I enjoy it? 5

9) Would I recommend it? 5

Score:  45/45

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